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Privacy policy

Privacy policy DENTEX d.o.o.


The DENTEX dental centre of the company DENTEX d.o.o., dentistry, is located in the city of Zadar, in Nikola Tesla street at 12/b. Since its inception and until today, Dentex has become a modern, innovative and high-tech centre. An expert team of doctors and assistants, the latest dental equipment, the best dental materials, a contemporary dental laboratory and patient care have enabled it to continue its mission – Dentex 360.

DENTEX protects the personal rights of every individual whose data it processes, including employees, clients, suppliers and other contractual partners, interested parties, etc. regardless of the manner or methods of obtaining such personal information. For this reason, DENTEX has defined security standards for processing, storing and transferring personal data to ensure the adequate protection of the personal data and rights of all respondents.

DENTEX collects and processes personal data in a lawful, fair and transparent manner, in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Data collected for special, explicit and lawful purposes shall be collected solely to the extent that is necessary and processed in a manner consistent with these purposes. The collected data shall be kept as long as necessary with respect to the purpose of the collection and it shall be deleted upon the fulfilment of the purpose.

All DENTEX employees are familiar with the data confidentiality terms and data may only be processed by those authorised to process specific data, and they may not make it accessible to any unauthorised person. Unauthorised persons shall also include employees who do not require access to this data to fulfil their professional responsibilities.



This Privacy Policy regulates the manner of collecting, keeping, and using the personal data of website users and it relates solely to data collected from network sources that contain a link to these pages and it excludes collecting personal data from any other source. By using this website, you consent to the collection and use of the user’s personal data in accordance with the abovementioned conditions. Users further agree that DENTEX may, at its own discretion, without prior notice, change, modify, supplement, remove or otherwise update these personal data protection terms. Any changes will be published on this website so that all users are fully aware of the type of personal data that is collected, the manner in which it is used, and the conditions under which this data may be provided for inspection.

The DENTEX Privacy Policy is easy to find as it is published on the home page, and the page is linked to all the sites within the website where users’ personal data is collected. Wherever necessary, at the sites where data is collected, there are additional explanations about the purpose of collecting and using personal data. This Privacy Policy regulates the use of personal data that users voluntarily provide when accessing this website.

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the term “personal data” shall mean any data – name and surname, e-mail address, IP address, etc. – on the basis of which the user can be identified. As a rule, DENTEX does not process personal data without the users’ approval. However, DENTEX reserves the right to carry out additional processing of data in extraordinary situations to the extent permitted or prescribed by law, or as part of legal proceedings or criminal investigations. Below is a detailed description of how and when users’ personal data is collected.

Access to most of DENTEX services does not require any signing up / registration so the pages can be used without revealing the identity of the user. However, access to some services requires signing up / registration. When signing up, it is necessary to fill in certain fields (some fields are required, while others are optional). If the user decides to deny the requested personal data in such situations, he or she will not be able to access the requested pages and DENTEX will not be able to respond to his or her inquiry/request. Personal data is processed solely for the purposes for which it is collected and of which the user is informed and for which he or she gives consent at the time of data collection. For example, DENTEX may collect and use the users’ personal data for the purpose of providing information about products and services, sending promotional messages about other products and services that the user may be interested in, and for the purpose of communicating with users.

DENTEX expressly declares that it shall not sell, distribute or otherwise provide the users’ personal data to third parties, except as regulated by this Privacy Policy. The users’ personal data will occasionally be provided to third parties hired for the provision of specific services for or on behalf of DENTEX or in connection with other business activities of the DENTEX company for further processing, the purpose of which coincides with the original purpose of data collection such as service delivery to users, service analysis or technical support. These service providers are contractually bound to use personal data solely for contractual purposes and they expressly declare that they shall not sell personal data to third parties, nor shall they transfer it to third parties unless otherwise stipulated by legally prescribed requirements. In the case of providing personal data to third parties, DENTEX shall take all necessary measures to process data solely for purposes that coincide with the purpose of collection and to the extent to which the data was originally collected.

Collected personal data may be provided to third parties in two more cases: 1) if the business activity of the company managing this website and the users’ personal data stored on it is sold, assigned or transferred to third parties, in which case the buyer, legal successor or person to whom the business is transferred shall be obliged to treat the personal data in accordance with these conditions; 2) due to legally prescribed requirements, court orders or requests from state authorities, i.e. if the disclosure of data is necessary for the purpose of legal proceedings or criminal investigation.

The user has the right to check whether his or her data stored on this website is updated and accurate. The user also has the right to request that the delivery of all notifications and messages to his or her address be discontinued and that all collected data be deleted. If you wish to exercise this right, please send an e-mail to the address In the message, specify the address of the page where you entered your personal data and mark which data you want to correct, refresh or delete. Upon receipt of the request for the deletion of personal data, your data will be deleted within the appropriate deadline. Also, at your request, DENTEX will notify you within the appropriate deadline whether it has collected any of your personal data and which data it collected during your visits to the DENTEX website. Requests for data deletion are subject to the applicable legal regulations and ethical standards for keeping, reporting and documenting personal data.

To protect the security and confidentiality of users’ personal data collected online, DENTEX uses prescribed security technologies and procedures, and data is also protected by passwords. During processing, it uses all the necessary measures for the protection of personal data from loss, abuse, unauthorised access, transfer, modification or destruction, as well as all necessary security measures to protect personal data from the abovementioned hazards.

DENTEX may collect and process anonymous data on access to its website and searches carried out by visitors. Such anonymous data is used to improve stored content, i.e. to collect aggregate statistical data on visitors for the purpose of internal market research. For this purpose, the DENTEX website uses cookies that collect data on the user’s e-mail address and domain name (e.g. “” from the e-mail address “”) and the date and time of accessing the website. Cookies sent by our network server cannot be used to detect individual user identities. A cookie is a small text file that a website server sends to the user’s browser and it is stored on the user’s computer hard disk. Cookies do not damage the computer. User browser settings may be changed so that the browser notifies the user about sending cookies, whereby the user can decide whether or not to accept them. DENTEX may occasionally hire third parties to help collect and process the data described in this chapter. DENTEX may occasionally use Internet tags (i.e., digital images, also known as action tags, single-pixel GIFs, clear GIFs, invisible GIFs, and 1-by-1 GIFs) to assist in delivering cookies or delivering services from other advertising companies. These Internet tags are placed in online advertisements that bring users to the DENTEX company website. These Internet tags are used to count users who access our website, i.e. to create statistics on promotion campaign performance (including counting access to individual pages, collecting information about viewed content, etc.). Cookies and Internet tags placed on a user’s computer also enable DENTEX’s third-party advertising partners to collect anonymous, aggregated statistical data about visitors who accessed other pages. DENTEX expressly declares that it shall not use cookies and Internet tags for the purpose of collecting personal data that may serve to directly identify users, such as names, postal addresses, e-mail addresses or telephone numbers. For more information about Internet tags and cookies used for online advertising, or to opt out of targeted online advertising, please visit the Network Advertising Initiative website.

DENTEX uses the Google Analytics service to rationalise the website: (i) by optimising Internet traffic, i.e. visits to the company website and switching to other websites that are part of the DENTEX business system and, if necessary, (ii) by integrating content and optimising the website. Google Analytics is a service provided by Google Inc., which includes detailed statistical data on visits to web pages and places from which users access them and measures conversions and sales results. Using cookies stored on your computer, Google Analytics analyses how users use our website.

Algorithms that guarantee user anonymity are applied to data on the use of the DENTEX website collected using cookies, including your IP address, and the data is sent to Google’s servers in the USA. Find out more about how to hide an IP address here. Google will process data collected using cookies for DENTEX in order to evaluate how it is used and to prepare a report on activities on the website, and it will deliver these reports to DENTEX for analysis. Google has the right to pass this information to third parties in accordance with the statutory obligations or if the analysis is performed by a third party on behalf of Google. In no case will Google connect or associate your IP address with any other data it has. You can disable the download and storage of cookies in the settings of your Internet browser. To do that, please use the Internet browser plug-in, which can be downloaded here. Please note that in this case, you will not be able to use all the functions available on our website. By using our website, you give your consent for Google to collect and process your personal data as described above and for the purposes listed above.

Most of the services available on the DENTEX website are intended for persons over the age of 18. Persons looking for information on medicinal products for children must be over the age of 18. Without the prior consent of a parent or a guardian, DENTEX will not consciously collect, use or share the personal data of persons under the age of 18. DENTEX will 1) notify the parents of the type of personal data collected from persons under the age of 18 and 2) offer them the possibility of revoking the consent for the collection, use and transfer of the personal data of their children to third parties. DENTEX strictly adheres to all the legal regulations on the protection of minors.



Your personal data will be processed by manual and electronic tools and in a manner that ensures their security and confidentiality.

Personal data shall be kept in accordance with the applicable legislation and deleted as soon as the purpose for which it was collected has been fulfilled, and if data has been obtained on the basis of consent, it shall be kept until the consent is withdrawn.

Likewise, your personal data may be processed for a longer period of time if there are objective reasons that give rise to the extension of deadlines for data storage beyond the abovementioned deadline (for example, in case of court proceedings, etc.). Deadlines for data storage in certain cases of processing for which no storage deadline is legally prescribed shall be determined by DENTEX as the controller, and in such cases, data shall be kept only as long as necessary for the purposes for which the personal data is processed.



With a written request sent to the address: DENTEX d.o.o., 23 000 Zadar, Nikole Tesle 12/b, with the indication to be delivered to “the Personal Data Protection Officer” you may request access, supplementation, correction, blocking or restriction of processing or deletion of personal data (“right to be forgotten”), object to the processing of data related to it and request data transfer.

You may, at any time, permanently or temporarily, in whole or in part, withdraw any consent given for the purpose of processing your personal data by sending a written request to:
DENTEX d.o.o., 23 000 Zadar, Nikole Tesle 12/b, with the indication “to be delivered to the Personal Data Protection Officer”. The withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing that was carried out on the basis of the consent until its withdrawal.



If you have any questions or complaints regarding this Privacy Policy or if you would like to send us comments and suggestions for improvement, please contact us by e-mail at, or by phone on +385 23 251 660.

For any questions, issues or remarks regarding data privacy, please contact the Data Protection Officer at: DENTEX d.o.o., 23 000 Zadar, Nikole Tesle 12/b, with the indication “to be delivered to the Personal Data Protection Officer”.

You also have the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Agency if you believe that your personal data is stored or otherwise processed in contravention of the applicable regulations governing the protection of personal data.